(0815D) DERMATOLOGY WORKSHOP August 15, 2019 3p-5pm

(0815D) DERMATOLOGY WORKSHOP August 15, 2019 3p-5pm
  • Item #: Derm Workshop_08152019_4
  • Start Date: August 15, 201 - 3:00 PM EST
  • End Date: August 15, 201 - 5:00 PM EST
  • Location: Hyatt Rengency Pittsburgh International Airport
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 You must purchase the "Hands On" Skills Conference first before you can purchase the Dermatology Workshop. This Dermatology Skills workshop occurs at the same time as the Dental and the Slit Lamp skills workshops on Thursday August 15, 2019 From 3:00 TO 5:00 


 Differentiate shave biopsy, punch biopsy and excisional biopsy.

Pre-procedure preparation:




 Instrumentation for procedures

Blades vs. dermablades

Site preps

Samples vs. entire lesion

Post op care

Identify technique for biopsy of a rash and benign or malignant neoplasm.

Identification of location for rash biopsy

Need for full thickness biopsy

Identify most common skin neoplasms: seborrheic keratosis, nevi, verrous neoplasms

Identify anatomical sites and recognition of dermatones of the body

Identify cosmetically sensitive areas and correct approach for biopsy

Identify correct anesthetic needed to biopsy.

Infiltration with Lidocaine with and without epinephrine

Correct injection techniques

Maintain hemostasis with topical agents i.e. Aluminum chloride

Maintain hemostasis in combination with electrodessication

Demonstration and practice of ‘hands on’ dermatology skills