(0815C) DENTAL WORKSHOP August 15, 2019 3p-5pm

(0815C) DENTAL WORKSHOP August 15, 2019 3p-5pm
  • Item #: Dental Workshop_0815209_3
  • Start Date: August 15, 2019 - 3:00 PM EST
  • End Date: August 15, 2019 - 5:00 PM EST
  • Location: Hyatt Regency @ Pittsburgh International Airport
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You must purchase the 3 day "Hands on" Skills Conference first before you can purchase the Dental Workshop. This Dental workshop occurs at the same time as the Orthopedic Joint Injection, Slit Lamp, and the Dermatology Skils Worshops on Thursday August 15, 2019 from 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm.

Dental Workshop 

            This interactive skill workshop will review the most common dental emergencies which frequently present to the emergency department, clinic, or urgent care center.  Dental pain and caries, dental fractures, loose and avulsed teeth, as well as dry sockets, post-extraction bleeding and loose appliances (caps, crowns, filling) will be discussed.  Dental and facial regional anesthesia will be reviewed utilizing case presentations and video. Simulation of the dental injections with capped syringes will be approximated on partners. Dental medicaments, glues and pastes will be mixed and applied to dental models. 


The clinician will aquire the conference and skill set required to diagnose and treat the most common presenting dental emergencines. This includes a detailed understanding of dental and facial anatomy.

The clinician will gain a better understanding of dental anesthetics and dental anesthetic equipment, along with the techniquesnecessary to perform supraperiosteal injections and infraorbital, inferior alveolar and mental nerve blocks.

The clincian will gain experience in using common dental materials to cover tooth fractures, seal dental caries and splint loosened (subluxed, luxated) teeth. Loosend fillings, crowns and caps will also be discussed.

The clinician will become knowledgeable with regard to the initial treatment of dry sockets, post extration hemorrage and apthous ulcers.  


Anatomy of the mouth

Infections of mouth

  Peritonsillar abscess



   Retropharyngeal abscess

   Ludwig’s angina

   Canker sores       

   Symptomatic Treatment

   Dental Emergencies, Equipment

Facial blocks

    Forehead anesthesia

    Infraorbital block

    Mental block

    Maxillary supraperiosteal block

    Mandibular supraperiosteal block

Local anesthetic agents; amides vs. esters

     Long acting agents


Dental fractures

     Covering the teeth


     Stabilizing teeth

     Periodontal paste

     Enamel fractures

     Self cure composite

     Dental avulsions

     Open socket

     Loose appliances


Miscellaneous dental conditions

Alveolar osteitis

Post – extraction hemorrhage

Apthous ulcers:  treatments available