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  • Start Date: April 02, 2020-8:00am
  • End Date: April, 03, 2020-3:00pm
  • Location: Robert Morris Conference Center
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This interactive "hands on skills conference" is a series of six of our courses over a consecutive two day time period and includes all instruments and supplies (value $35.00) needed for the "Hands on" Skills Workshop Conference.

The six courses are:

  • Suturing Workshop: The Basics
  • Suturing Workshop: Beyond the Basics
  • Minor Office Procedures
  • Eyes, Ears, Nose and Throat Workshop
  • X-Ray Interpretation of Chest and Abdomen Radiographs
  • X-Ray Interpretation of Upper and Lower Extremities 

Suturing Workshop: The Basics

Workshop will cover wound assessment, cleansing, preparation, anesthetic techniques, suture closure techniques and post-closure wound management. Participants will have the opportunity to demonstrate local anesthesia, digital blocks, simple interrupted sutures, percutaneous staples and tissue adhesives in this hands-on practicum.

Suturing Workshop: Beyond the Basics

Workshop will include management of more complex laceration repair including dog bites, nail bed lacerations, through and through lacerations of the mouth. A variety of regional anesthetic blocks will be discussed including forehead block and mental nerve blocks. Suturing techniques that will be practiced and demonstrated will include horizontal mattress, vertical mattress, corner stitch, running, and buried knot suture techniques.

Minor Office Procedures

This workshop will explore the performance of minor office procedures. Topics will include management of nursemaid’s elbow, release of subungual hematoma, drainage of parnoychia, splinter removal, hair-thread tourniquet removal, tick removal, ring removal, fish hook removal, cerumen removal, management of tooth fracture, incision and drainage of abscesses, and removal of foreign bodies of the eyes, ears, nose and body in this hands-on practicum.

Eyes, Ears, Nose and Throat

This skill workshop will discuss assessment of the eyes, ears, and nose. Normal and abnormal findings will be reviewed.  Procedures such as fluorescein stain, foreign body removal, use of the woods lamp, management of epistaxis will be reviewed.

X-Ray Interpretation of Chest and Abdomen Radiographs

This workshop will review assessment of chest and abdomen x-ray radiographs commonly performed for patient assessment. A variety of normal and abnormal findings will be reviewed along with basic principles and step-by-step methods to evaluate these diagnostic tools.

X-Ray Interpretation of Upper and Lower Extremities

This interactive workshop will review the most common orthopedic injuries involving upper and lower extremities, including their findings on radiological films. Key assessment principles of x-rays depicting fractures and dislocations will be reviewed.